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The Association of British Transport & Engineering Museums (ABTEM) has recently appointed the International Railway Heritage Consultancy (IRHC) to work with them to produce new guidelines for museums and private collectors with larger and working objects. The guidelines will cover stationary engines, industrial machinery, road vehicles, aircraft, railway vehicles, ships, boats and other working items.

 Standards first published by the former Museums & Galleries Commission have been used widely by specialists and non-specialists alike since they were first published in 1994, but after two decades of experience now need updating.

 The project is supported by grant from the Arts Council England through their Museum Resilience funding stream that enables museums to become more sustainable.


A draft is now available for consultation - for further details see the 'News' page. 

Selected case studies will be included in the new guidelines, available in early 2018. The guidelines will be widely publicised and promoted, including through a programme of seminars scheduled between October 2017 and March 2018.

For further information contact Efstathios Tsolis, Associate Consultant, email tsolis@efstathios.co.uk, tel. +44 (0) 7726419551

 The main publications of Standards and Guidelines can be accessed online:

 MGC 4 Standards in the museum care of larger and working objects

 Larger & Working Objects – a guide to standards in their preservation and care





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