Founded in 1962, the Association of British Transport & Engineering Museums (ABTEM) is a heritage network that exists to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of common interest to transport and engineering museums and industrial and transport heritage groups.

ABTEM is recognised by the Arts Council England (ACE) as a Subject Specialist Network (SSN). We hold regular seminars at museums and heritage sites in the UK on a variety of subjects, largely linked to industrial and transport collections.

In 2018, ABTEM produced the ‘Guidelines for the Care of Larger & Working Historic Objects’ that cover stationary engines, industrial machinery, road vehicles, aircraft, railway vehicles, ships, boats and other working items updating standards first published by the former Museums & Galleries Commission in 1994 that have been used widely by specialists and non-specialists but have been out of print for some time.

More information about the standards, and how to purchase or view a copy can be found at : https://abtemguidelinesorg.wordpress.com/